The Town of Thompson's Station electorate includes a Mayor and four Town Aldermen.  They comprise the Board of Mayor and Alderman (BOMA). The Board is responsible for establishing Town policies and procedures by considering and passing ordinances and/or resolutions that, in turn, are implemented by appropriate Town departments.

The Town votes to elect two aldermen every two years to serve four year terms.  The mayoral election cycle is every 4 years.  Elections take place in November on those years.

Recent Elections
On November 4th, 2014 the town elected Graham Shepard and Brandon Bell to their first terms as Town Aldermen.  The Town also voted to re-elect Mayor Cory Napier for another term.

The most recent election on November 8th, 2016 saw the election of Brian Stover and Ben Dilks (Planning Commission Member).  Their first terms as Aldermen will start when they are sworn in at the January 10th BOMA meeting.  

The recent voting breakdown is shown below:

1. Brian Stover - 27.85% (1,191 votes)
2. Ben Dilks - 25.06% (1,072 votes)
3. Sarah Benson - 23.61% (1,010 votes)
4. John Peterson - 23.08% (987 votes)

Register to Vote
A voter registration form must be filled out and mailed in to properly register you to vote.  Printed forms are available at Thompson's Station Town Hall.  Visit Williamson County's website for more information.

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