SIA (State Industrial Access) Road Improvements

The Town of Thompson’s Station is working with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) on a re-design of the State Industrial Access (SIA) Road (State Route 6/Columbia Pike/Highway 31) leading to the entrance of the planned Phase 2 expansion of Mars Petcare’s Research and Development facility.  With the new facility set to employ up to 1200 people, roadway improvements near the facility entrance are essential.

(The Industrial Highway Act of 1959 authorizes the TDOT to contract with cities and counties for the construction and maintenance of “Industrial Highways” to provide access to industrial areas and to facilitate the development and expansion of industry within the State of Tennessee.)

The improvements consist of an extension of Columbia Pike (SR-6) to a 5-lane section approximately 2,040 feet south of State Route 840, then tapering down another 1,210 feet to the existing 2-lane section.

The Town of Thompson’s Station has agreed to fund a pedestrian walkway under SR-6 to connect our future greenway trails.  In May 2015, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BOMA) voted to approve the funds for the proposed pedestrian undercrossing in Resolution No. 2015-009.  In August 2015, BOMA members voted to approve the construction plans for the project in Res. No. 2015-012.

Update:  The re-alignment of Critz Lane with Columbia Pike has been completed and the intersection is now managed by a stoplight.  This construction was undertaken and funded solely by the Town of Thompson’s Station.