Wastewater Collection and Treatment

Regional Sewer Plant
The Town of Thompson's Station owns and operates two wastewater treatment facilities that serve specific subdivisions and commercial districts with just over a million gallons of designed daily capacity.

The Thompson’s Station Wastewater works with HB&TS Utility District (Hillsboro, Bethesda & Thompson's Station) to establish service and obtain monthly metered water usage.  Please note, these are two separate utility districts and, therefore, two separate monthly billings.  Contact HB&TS directly at (615)794-7796, to verify procedures required to establish fresh water service.  

New Service

There is a $75.00 deposit to establish wastewater service with Thompson’s Station.  Please fill out the Wastewater Service Application online form or you can fill out the PDF Wastewater Service Application form and send it to newservice@thompsons-station.com with your name, phone number, service address and date to establish service so that we can verify information provided to us from HB&TS.  The deposit amount can be mailed to P.O. Box 100 Thompson's Station, TN 37179 or it can be applied to your first bill.

Water meter usage information is obtained  from HB&TS  and is used to calculate monthly wastewater billing amounts. 
Monthly wastewater fees are assessed by the following:
        Monthly Fee of $29.00 
        Usage Fee of $8.10 per 1000 gallons of water used 

         Example:    Water usage for the month was 5000 gallons.
                            5000/1000 = 5 x $8.10  = $40.50 + $29.00 = $69.50 monthly fee

The wastewater fee is calculated the same for ALL users that discharge to the Town wastewater system. 
For your convenience, several payment methods are available including ACH Bank Draft and Online Bill Pay.  See below for links to these services or contact Town Hall at
(615)794-4333 for more information.

Wastewater Department: (615) 794-4333 ext. 11
Wastewater Billing: (615) 794-4333 ext. 4

Wastewater Operators:
Kenny Bond
Brandon Haskins

Wastewater Consulting:
Barge Design Solutions

Wastewater Billing:
Steve Banks, Finance Director

Wastewater Service Application Online Form
Wastewater Service Application (PDF)
Specifications on Design and Installation of Sewer Collections  Systems
Pay Your Wastewater Bill Online or over the Phone
ACH Bank Draft Form
HB&TS Website

Visit the Wastewater Info web-page for more information on the Town's wastewater history.

Sewer Emergency?  

Call the Wastewater Operators 24/7 at 615-794-4333 ext.11.  Be sure to leave a detailed message including contact information for a quick response.  (For residents of Bridgemore Village, Fields of Canterbury and Tollgate Village subdivisions only.)