Preservation Park

There is a new park in Thompson's Station!  

This 200 acre park is the newest addition to Thompson's Station.  Formerly a local grazing pasture, this property was once part of the Battle of Thompson's Station, a noteworthy confederate victory in the Civil War. 

There is a park Master Plan currently under review by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.
There are several existing structures on the property, mostly barns and feeding stands.  The fenced-in areas located near the main barn are on loan to the Tennessee Equine Hospital while the rest of the garage space is used by the Town's Maintenance Department.  These areas are off-limits.

The park is in it's early stages.  There are no bathrooms or water fountains as of yet in the park.  There are currently only natural/mowed paths throughout the landscape.  In the future, a hiking/bike path will be built to connect this park to the Community Gardens and Independence High School.  

Location: Going west on Thompson's Station Rd W., past Town Hall and the red caboose, 100 yards past the train tracks on the right is the southwest corner of the park.
Address: 1600 Thompson's Station Rd West, Thompson's Station TN
Preservation Park_facing south4

The hilltop is approximately half a mile from the parking area. 

PDF Map of Preservation Park

PresPark_Map_28x32_TrailInformationMap_12-11-17_v88 copy