Codes/Zoning Violation Complaint

The Town will investigate credible complaints of ordinance and code violations within the Town limits. Enforcement responsibilities are divided among the departments.  Town staff shall have the sole discretion to prioritize the investigation and enforcement of code violations.

See the Code Violation Handout for more detailed information.

Complaints can be made in the following ways:  In person at Town Hall located at 1550 Thompson’s Station Road West; by phone @ (615) 794-4333; or by email @ Complaints for violations of the construction hours may also be directed to the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department. When filing a complaint please provide your name and phone number or email address, the address or lot number of the potential violation and a detailed description of the complaint. While we are investigating the complaint, your name and contact information may be kept confidential, however, upon completion of the investigation and case your information does become part of the public record.

You now also have the option to submit your complaint online!  Fill out the Codes Complaint Form