Voting Precincts

Voting Precincts have been updated in 2016 for Thompson's Station.  This means you may be going to a new location to cast your vote.  

To determine your precinct: Locate your property on the map below, then consult the table beneath the map for your voting location.

Voting Precinct Map for Williamson County

(Click on a parcel to see address information.)

Voting Locations

Voting Precincts
1-4 5435 Carters Creek Pk Burwood Community Center
2-1 4907 Bethesda Rd Bethesda Recreation Center
2-2 2604 Thompson Station Rd East Thompson's Station Baptist Chapel
2-5 1642 Lewisburg Pk Conduit Church
3-1 4801 Columbia Pk Heritage Elementary School
9-5 1776 Declaration Way Independence High School
11-3 4080 Columbia Pk Winstead Elementary School