Burn Permits

Town of Thompson's Station

The Town of Thompson's Station does not regulate burning or burn permits.

State of Tennessee

The State of Tennessee requires burn permits during the winter months.

"Burning permits focus attention on the safe use of fire. From September 23 through May 15, anyone starting an open-air fire within 500 feet of a forest, grassland, or woodland must by law secure a burning permit from the Division of Forestry. Permits are not required for burning in containers such as a metal barrel with a ½" mesh screen cover."  -- State of TN Website

Permits from the Division of Forestry are free of charge.  Call the Tennessee Division of Forestry at 877-350-2876.  The Forestry Division provides burning permits Monday through Friday. Residents wishing to burn during the weekend should obtain their permits during the week.

Permits will not be issued on days and in locations if it is considered unsafe to conduct a debris burn. 

Williamson County

Williamson County Rescue Squad Capt. Tim Hood -- "When residents receive a permit number from the State Forestry Division, they should call Emergency Operations at (615) 791-6200 and provide us with their permit number, address and phone number."

The information is helpful to the squad in the event someone calls in a report of smoke in the area. Rescue officials will know the location of burning permits when responding.

Hood reminds residents with burning permits that no plastic or other non-natural products may be burned. "Only wood products, leaves and other natural materials may be burned. No trash can be burned. The EPA will issue fines."

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