Capital Improvements for Parks

The Thompson's Station Parks and Recreation Advisory Board along with Town Staff have come up with a list of Park Improvements that will be included in the Town's Budget under Capital Improvement Projects.  These projects look forward over the next 4 years and include the creation of a Town-wide Master Plan for all of the Town's Parkland.  

NOTE: You can catch up on everything Parks related by visiting the Agenda Center to see videos and agenda materials of each Parks Board Meeting.  Contact Micah Wood at the Community Development Department for more information.

Capital Improvements for Town Parks

Park Benches and other Furniture FY2021-22 & FY2022-23: This project will provide replacements for benches and furniture throughout the Town’s parkland. This project is projected to cover two fiscal years.

Preservation Park Horse Trail & Parking Upgrades FY2022-23: This project will provide for the designation, construction, and installation of the horse trails in Preservation Park, according to the Preservation Park Master Plan. In conjunction, the parking lot areas will be upgraded to accommodate the horse trailers and to provide to additional parking for Preservation park


Preservation Park Amphitheater FY2023-24: This project will provide for the construction and installation of an amphitheater in Preservation Park, per the Preservation Park Master Plan.


Sarah Benson Park Playground ADA Upgrades FY2024-25: This project will provide for an assessment and any recommended upgrades necessary to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This project may be grant funded.