Bridgemore Village Roadway Paving

The Bridgemore Village Paving Project will begin on July 5, 2023. This work is to be performed by Sessions Paving Company for the Town. The Town called the roadway bonds for MBSC’s sections in Bridgemore in order to complete required public improvements in these sections.

The work will be completed within 90 days, subject to any weather delays. Within this contract specified timeframe, the contractor will perform the required repair and remediation work necessary before final paving can be completed. These repairs have been specified, as required by the Town Engineer.

While we know that this construction project will be an inconvenience, this remediation work will resolve the longstanding roadway issues in the Bridgemore Village Subdivision and allow the final topcoat of asphalt to be laid. There may be intermittent road and lane closures as part of this project, but access to driveways will be maintained throughout the project. The Town asks for your cooperation and patience for the duration of this road construction project.

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Timeline for BMV Paving Project