Town of Thompson's Station
Parks & Rec. Advisory Board
Remote Meeting Agenda
January 5, 2021


Meeting Called to Order – Roll call to confirm quorum


Statement by Chair relating to conducting the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board meeting by electronic means of due to COVID-19 State of Emergency


Consideration of the Minutes of the October 6, 2020 meeting.


Public Comment

Any citizen desiring to make a comment can submit their written comments to the Town, which will be included in the meeting minutes for public perusal.

Email your comments to Town Hall at INFO@THOMPSONS-STATION.COM with January Park Board Comments as the Subject Line.

Contact the Town Community Development office with any questions at (615) 794-4333 ext. 12.


Election of Officers for 2021:

  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair


Regular Agenda:


1. Update on Projects:

  1. Greenways Phase 2 & 3 Update
  2. New Preservation Park parking lot


2. Community Gardens: discussion on point of contact, increase of annual fee/elimination of deposit.


3. 2021 Events: discussion on overall events & if an event planner should be hired.


4. Classes at Town Parks: discussion of self-defense & other classes at Town facilities.


5. Capital Improvements & Budget Report

  1. Presevation Park Entry Sign & Map Kioks
  2. Amphitheater Project
  3. Other Town park projects for FY21-22



This meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. by electronic means due to the COVID-19 State of Emergency and live-streamed on the Town Website