Town of Thompson's Station
Municipal Planning Commission
Meeting Agenda
March 23, 2021

Meeting Called to Order- Roll Call


Statement by Chair relating to conducting the Planning Commission meeting by electronic means of due to COVID-19 State of Emergency


Consideration of the Minutes of the February 23, 2021 meeting


Public Comment

Any citizen desiring to make a comment can submit their written comments to the Town, which will be included in the meeting minutes for public perusal.

Email your comments to Town Hall at INFO@THOMPSONS-STATION.COM with March Planning Commission Public Comments as the Subject Line.

Contact the Town Community Development office with any questions at (615) 794-4333 ext. 12.


Planner Report




1. Avenue Downs Subdivision Final Plat – Section 1 for the creation of 36 single family lots and 4 open space lots located along Otterham Drive and Avenue Downs Drive.


2. Tollgate Village Subdivision Concept Plan – Phase 2B for discussion of 232 proposed residential units and up to 60,000 square feet of commercial development.




3. Bond Report

a.      Bridgemore 6A RDEC Maintenance Bond Release

b.      Bridgemore 6B RDEC Maintenance Bond Release

c.       Update on Long Held Bonds




4. Revision to the Planning Commission Bylaws, last amended July 2017.


5. Annual Meeting:

a.      Election of Officers-

                                                                          i.      Chair

                                                                        ii.      Vice Chair



This meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. remotely due to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency and will be live-streamed on the Town Website