Town of Thompson's Station
Board of Mayor and Aldermen
Meeting Agenda
April 9, 2019


Meeting Called to Order


Pledge of Allegiance




Consideration of the March 12, 2019 regular meeting minutes and the March 26, 2019 special session minutes


Appointment of the Interim Town Recorder Caryn Miller


Public Comments-


New Business:


1. First Reading of Ordinance 2019-005: An Ordinance to incorporate a definition for “religious institution” within Section 1.3 of the Land Development Ordinance and to modify Section 4.5.2 to incorporate standards to govern private schools within the T5 district.


2. First Reading of Ordinance 2019-06: An Ordinance of the Town of Thompson’s Station to amend Title 18, Chapter 2 of the Municipal Code regarding wastewater system user fees.


4. Attorney Rankings


6. Approval of Agreement with HB & TS for sewer non payment collection penalties.


7. Approval of Resolution 2019-010 – Approval of an easement to MTEMC in Preservation Park


8. Approval of Proposal from Jackson Thornton for Sewer Impact Fee study.


Announcements/Agenda Requests




Information Only:


Finance Report


Follow up to Crosslin Presentation regarding the audit

This meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. at Thompson's Station Community Center
1555 Thompson's Station Road West