Town of Thompson's Station
Utility Board
Meeting Agenda
June 19, 2019


1. Meeting Called to Order


2. Approval of Minutes from the May 15, 2019 Meeting


3. System Operator’s Update

a)      Complete update on all efforts taken to identify sources of I/I in the system as per the requests of the board from our last two meetings. 

b)      Update about the results of re-calibrating the flow meter and possible faulty readings. 

c)      Nitrogen levels and how close we are to meeting our re-use limits so we can discharge to Tollgate Village. 

d)      Issues we might have with our systems (Heritage and Regional). 

e)      Status of the problem with pump station mentioned a few work sessions ago. 

f)       Any other issues?  

g)      Update on Cell 1


4. Update on Whistle Stop pipeline, Barge


5. Waste Water Request TriStar Energy


6. Waste Water Request Holt Property


8. Waste Water Request Pleasant Creek


9. Discussion related to applications of interest for position on the Board and recommendation to BOMA.


10. Other Items per BOMA/Town Staff


11. Announcements


12. Adjournment

This meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. at the Thompson's Station Community Center
1555 Thompson's Station Rd West