Town of Thompson's Station
Parks Board
Meeting Agenda
August 7, 2018


Meeting Called to Order


New Business:


1. Approval of Minutes


2. Back to School Event

Back to school event at Preservation Park on August 25, 2018 (Brian Stover/Miriam Wiggins).

3. Dog N Pony Show

Festival update by JD Events (Brittany Carlberg).

4. Use of Preservation Park or Sarah Benson Park

Thompson Station Middle School is requesting permission to use the park for cross country meets on August 22, 2018 and September 5, 2018 (Sarah Waggoner).  

5. Wedding at Sarah Benson Park

Request to permit a horse drawn carriage for the bride (Caroline).


6. Equestrian Facilities activities at Preservation Park

Request to consider equestrian facilities for regular use (Nancy Nichols). 

7. Outdoor Movie in the Park

Movies at Sarah Benson Park (Brian Stover)

8. Preservation Park Improvements

Update on the construction of the amphitheater

9. Budget Report



This meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. in Thompson's Station's Community Center
1555 Thompson's Station Road West