Town of Thompson's Station
Utility Board
Meeting Agenda
November 18, 2020


Call Meeting to Order


1. Approval to conduct this meeting by electronic means which is necessary to protect the public health safety and welfare of Tennesseans in light of the COVID-19 outbreak (pursuant to Executive Order No. 65).


2. Consideration of the Minutes of the September 30, 2020 meeting.


3. System Operator’s Update – Kenny Bond:


4. Barge Design Updates – Matthew Johnson:


5. Discussion of Ordinance 2020-011 to Amend Title 18 to Adopt a Policy for Waste Water Tap Reversion and Assignment as to a “floor amount” to be paid to a developer for the reverted taps:


6. Memorandum of Understanding for consideration as to Taps Transfer between Developers:




Finance Report

This meeting will be held remotely due to the Public Health Emergency related to COVID-19 and will be live-streamed at 6:00 p.m. via the Town Website