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Sarah Benson Park

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Reservation Cost

$50.00 per day

Admission Fee


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  1. Electricity
  2. Grill
  3. Parking
  4. Pavilion
  5. Picnic Areas
  6. Playground
  7. Restrooms
  8. Water

Please check the facility reservation calendar or call Town Hall to confirm pavilion availability prior to submitting in a rental application.

Rental Application

The pavilions at the Town Park are available for rent by filling out an online pavilion request form when you visit a specific pavilion's sub-facility page for an online application.  Look for the "Request Reservation Button" on the Lower Pavilion, Upper Pavilion and Stage sub-pages, listed below.

Rental Fee

The park pavilions can be rented with a deposit of $150 with up to $100 of the deposit refundable if the pavilion is left clean and all trash removed from the pavilion area.

Park Layout

A map of the park layout (PDF) is available for download.


Lower Pavilion

  • 10 picnic tables
  • 3 BBQ grills
  • Additional parking available upon request - gate will be unlocked but renter is responsible for opening and closing the gate
  • Close to restrooms and playground
  • Electricity

Upper Pavilion

  • 4 picnic tables
  • 2 BBQ grills


  • Electricity available upon request
  • No tables or grills, but you are welcome to bring your own


1. Hours of use are Dawn to Dusk, unless approved by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board through an Event Permit or by the BOMA through a Special Event Permit. 

2. All dogs shall be leashed, except within the fenced areas at Nutro Dog Park. Dogs shall always be under the control of their owner/caretaker. All dog waste shall be cleaned up by the owner/caretaker. 

3. Adult supervision is required for all minor children. 

4. The following are strictly prohibited: 

a. The consumption, possession, or usage of alcohol; b. Smoking, including vaping; c. The use of personal fireworks and/or sparklers; d. Weapons; e. Glass containers; f. Harvesting firewood and/or cutting/removal of any trees; g. Fires, except for the grills provided in Sarah Benson Park; h. Littering and/or dumping; i. Signs/bills, including political signs; j. Hunting; k. Removal of cultural/historic artifacts. This includes a prohibition of metal detecting, unless associated with a Town approved archeological/historic investigation; an approved educational program/class; a state sponsored archeological/historical; or request by law enforcement.; l. Unauthorized motorized vehicles, including drones; m. Camping/Overnight Parking; n. Commercial/For-profit activities, unless approve by the Parks Board in advance; o. External equipment (bouncy house, tents, trailers, port-a-potties, etc.) unless approved as part of an Event or Special Permit. 

5. Any event over thirty (35) people or as deemed by Town Staff shall require the approval of an Event Permit from the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. Event organizers are solely responsible for all activities associated with their event, including clean up. Special Events may also be authorized by the BOMA. 

SBP1. Bikes are only permitted on Alexander Trail (part of Heritage Park, connected to Sarah Benson Park).

SBP2. Pavilion/Stage rentals for groups under thirty-five (35) people shall require staff approval of the rental application. Rentals for groups of over thirty-five (35) or as deemed by Staff people require an Event Permit from the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.


  1. Lower Pavilion

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  2. Stage

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  3. Upper Pavilion

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