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Leaf Collection Service Application

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  2. The Town of Thompson's Station provides free leaf collection service on a weekly basis from the months of September through November.

    This service is provided free to residents of Thompson's Station during the fall months to prevent stormwater drains from clogging. It is not designed to assist with clearing properties of trees, shrubs, or trash.

  5. Residential or Commercial*
  6. Please type "Unbound" if not in a neighborhood or commercial.

  8. Rules and Regulations*
    1. Place leaves and small yard waste in a disposable bag.
    2. Place the leaves as close to the street as possible without placing in the street.
    3. Place leaves ten feet (10') away from any other objects such as vehicles or motorcycles.
    4. Do not place leaves within five feet (5') of a stormwater drain.
    5. We will not collect lumber, household trash, or other types of debris in your collection pile.
    6. We will not collect leaves from alleyways as this has been deemed unsafe for our trucks, drivers, and our citizens in some locations around the town.

  9. If any of these rules are not observed, your leaves will not be picked up due safety concerns for workers, equipment, citizens and their property.

    Leaf Pickup Service will begin in September and continue through November.

    ZONE 1: Mondays

    ZONE 2: Thursdays

  10. Thompsons Station Leaf Zones Pickup
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